Brass Era

Beautiful automobiles from the Brass Era – the early period of automotive manufacturing, named for the prominent brass fittings used during this time.

*The car collection is viewable during special events and by appointment only.

This car's frame is ash which is very flexible. The engine is transverse mounted and air cooled.

This Stanley Model F was restored in the 1970s and driven coast to coast.

The Cadillac Open Roadster is the first automobile with fully interchangeable parts for which it won the Dewar Trophy in 1908.

This car was built by the owner of an original Mercer Speedster who wanted a less valuable version of his car for shows and parades.

Roaring 20's

Social, cultural and economic conditions underwent dramatic changes during the 1920s. A stronger United States economy allowed Americans to spend more - particularly on automobiles. The new leisure activity of driving was born.

Classic Era

Automobiles such as the 1927 Rolls Royce Springfield and 1932 Duesenberg SJ defined the "Classic" look of an automobile. Smooth curves, intricate hood ornaments and ornate interiors are key futures in these beautiful cars.

1936 Auburn Boat-Tail Speedster

In 1928, an Auburn was driven 108.64 mph for the measured mile at Daytona and set a new record at Pikes Peak.

Celebrity Cars

The most notable celebrity car in the Collings Foundation's collection is a 1940 V-16 Cadillac limousine owned by the famous gangster Al Capone.

Indianapolis 500

Started in 1911, the Indianapolis 500 is one of the world's most popular races. Called "The Greatest Spectacle In Racing" the drivers race 200 hard fought laps. Offenhauser and Duesenberg were two of the pioneers that shaped the history of this event.

Sports Race Cars

24-hour and endurance sport races were won by teams who had the fastest and most durable cars with pit crews who could adjust and act at a moments notice. The Foundation's 1996 Rilley & Scott MkIII/Ford was the winner of the 1997 Rolex 24 hours of Daytona.

Sprint Cars 1920's to WWII

Where all modern organized sports car racing originated from! Ingenuity and creative thought were used to turn tractor parts and Model T engines into racing machines.

Sprint Cars WWII to the 1950's

Mechanical refinements were made to make the sprint cars faster and far more dangerous. Sprint race meets were as popular as NFL football is today.

Military Vehicles

Rare American vehicles such as the 1917 Vim Camp Devens Express and Ford Model T Ambulance are included in this unique collection.

Trucks and Farm Vehicles

Artifacts, tractors and vehicles from the early days of mechanized farming make up the majority of this unique collection.

1893: The End of an Era

Late 1800's the new automobile was quickly replacing the horse and carriage. The Collings Foundation has several classic carriages and sleighs from this time of American history.


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