Remembering Pearl Harbor Day is crucial as it marks a pivotal moment in history that shook the world and profoundly influenced global events. This day stands as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made and the lives lost during the surprise attack on December 7, 1941, a moment that thrust the United States into World War II. Reflecting on this solemn occasion honors the bravery of those who served, acknowledges the impact of war on nations and individuals, and reinforces the importance of vigilance, preparedness, and peacekeeping efforts to prevent such tragedies from occurring again. It serves as a testament to the resilience of a nation and underscores the significance of learning from the past to build a more peaceful future. ... See MoreSee Less
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Join us at the American Heritage Museum Friday, December 8th, for a compelling talk by Vernon Chandler on his epic journey through Europe as he traces the footsteps of his second cousin; Pvt. Kenneth Miller, who was killed in Germany on October 18, 1944.Starts at 2 PM. No reservations needed. ... See MoreSee Less
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How your support will help us in 2024 - We are embarking on one of the most ambitious warbird restoration projects ever with the Junkers Ju-87D-5 Stuka. This project, recovered from a freshwater lake, is under restoration to flying status with multiple workshops in Europe and will be brought to the American Heritage Museum once complete. This infamous dive bomber of WWII will become one of only three complete examples on display anywhere in the world - and is one of only two potential flying restoration projects. Learn more about the project at: ahmus.me/ju87-project and make an impact by making a gift to this project and many others in 2024 with a donation at: ahmus.me/GT2023..#ju87 #stuka #ju87stuka #wwiihistory #warbirds #avgeek #warplanes #worldoftanks #WorldWarII #luftwaffe #livinghistory #GivingTuesday #AmericanHeritageMuseum #aviationhistory ... See MoreSee Less
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How your support helped us in 2023 - Because of your donations on #GivingTuesday this past year, we were able to complete the incredible Hanoi Hilton Vietnam POW exhibit including the real, reconstructed cell from the prison... in time for opening on the 50th Anniversary of Operation Homecoming! Please give today to make an impact in 2024 - do so at: ahmus.me/GT2023..#livinghistory #vietnamwar #hanoihilton #powmia #historymuseum #militaryhistory #visitma #hudsonma #nonprofit ... See MoreSee Less
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Help the American Heritage Museum grow even more in 2024 with a donation for #GivingTuesday! Through the generosity of a group of donors, all donations made now through Midnight on Tuesday, November 28th will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000. That means, by making your donation over the next two days, your impact on our mission WILL be doubled! Please make your year-end gift and donate online at: ahmus.me/GT2023 ... See MoreSee Less
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M36 Jackson World War II Tank Rides at the American Heritage Museum in Hudson, MA

Take a Ride on the Rare M36 Jackson World War II Tank Destroyer at the American Heritage Museum!

Coming in May 2023, the American Heritage Museum is excited to offer a new World War II Tank Ride Experience aboard the rare M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer! Currently under restoration, the M36 Jackson will look like it just rolled off the factory floor in 1944! Based on the reliable M4 Sherman chassis and drivetrain and equipped with a formidable 90mm gun in an open turret for crew, the M36 rolled through the European Theater in 1944, capable of taking out the menacing German Panther and Tiger tanks.

Tank rides on the M36 Jackson are a tax-deductible donation of $195.00 per person and up to five (5) passengers may ride along. There are four (4) standing positions in the open top turret and one (1) seated position in the hull gunner seat. The ride experience is 10 minutes on the tank driving grounds at the American Heritage Museum and all riders must be at least 5′ tall (60 inches) to participate.

Ride experiences are being offered on select weekends through the summer. Please click the button below for schedules and online booking. Please feel free to call us at 978-562-9182 with any questions.

For safety, all participants must be at least 5′ tall to ride. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult on rides if they meet the height requirement. 

Click on this item below to book your M36 Jackson Tank Ride Experience and see our upcoming ride day schedule

A Great Present for a History Lover: Gift Certificates Available!

Looking to give an authentic World War II tank ride as a gift for the history fan or tank lover in your life? We have digital gift certificates available for immediate giving, purchased online! Tank Ride Gift Certificates are open ended and allow the recipient to schedule their own ride experience. It’s an awesome way to give your loved one a trip back in time to 1944! Click on the item below to purchase!

Click on this item below to buy a M36 Jackson Tank Ride Experience Digital Gift Certificate


History of the M36 Jackson

The M36 Jackson was a highly effective tank destroyer used by the United States during World War II. It was designed to counter the German Panther and Tiger tanks, which had proven to be formidable opponents for the earlier American tanks.

The M36 combined the hull of the M10 tank destroyer, which used the M4 Sherman’s reliable chassis and drivetrain combined with sloped armor, and a new turret with a powerful 90mm gun, which was capable of penetrating the armor of the German tanks from a long range. The vehicle had a relatively low profile, which made it harder for the enemy to spot and target it. It also had a top speed of 45 mph, which allowed it to quickly move to strategic positions on the battlefield.

The M36 saw action in various theaters of the war, including in Europe and the Pacific. It proved to be a valuable asset to the American military, often being used in combination with other vehicles such as the M4 Sherman tank.

After the war, the M36 continued to be used by the United States in the Korean War and as an export to other nations, even being re-engined by Yugoslavia with a 500 hp Soviet-made diesel engine used in T-55. Today, the M36 Jackson is a rare sight with only a few preserved in museums and private collections.


Armament: 90 mm gun M3 cannon, one .50 cal. MG
Crew: 5 (Commander, gunner, loader, driver, assistant driver)
Engine: 450 Horsepower Ford GAA, 1,100 cubic inch V-8
Range: 150 miles


Open Friday, November 24th!

The American Heritage Museum is open Friday, November 24th, the day after Thanksgiving, from 10am to 5pm and will also be open Saturday and Sunday. Bring your family and friends who are in town for the holiday weekend!