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1906 Pope Waverly Electric Carriage

The only electric car produced by Colonel Albert A. Pope. Viewable during special events only.

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Automobile Specs

The Pope Waverly was originally introduced as the Waverley in 1898. It was the only electric car produced by Colonel Albert A. Pope. The Waverly became the Pope-Waverley for the 1904 model year.

This electric vehicle was billed as a “ladies car” because it required no cranking and electric battery power was less dirty, noisy, smelly, and erratic than gasoline. In fact, the company’s slogan was “The Silent Waverley”.   Also, the tires were hard rubber making them less likely to puncture or go flat.

The Pope Waverly had a 15 to 20 mile range, equivalent to 1.5 hours, which was adequate for most trips. The batteries quickly lost their charge when not in use; therefore most electrics were not ready to go when needed and spent most of the time in the garage or barn. The car is tiller steered.

This car is totally original; the leather fenders, tires, upholstery, paint and caining on the sides are all from 1906. The only thing lacking is the original battery.



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