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1906 Stanley Steamer Touring Car (20 hp)

This Stanley Model F was restored in the 1970s and driven coast to coast.

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Automobile Specs
  • Manufacturer Stanley Motor Carriage Company
    Newton, Massachusetts
    (1902 – 1927)
  • Wheel Base 100 inches
  • Engine Steam
    2 Cylinders, 20 hp
    25 Gallon Water Tank
  • Price in 1906 $1,500

This Stanley Model F was restored in the 1970s and driven coast to coast. This is quite an achievement considering the car gets about 25 miles on one tank of water.

Twins Francis E. and Freelan O. Stanley owned a photo shop in Maine. They sold their dry photographic process to George Eastman the founder of Kodak for a hefty sum. They produced their first steam powered car in 1897. One of their first cars competed at Charles River Bank where it performed well in the 80-foot incline contest, making it all the way to the top with ease. As a result, the brothers received orders for over 200 cars within 2 weeks of the competition.

Their steam car company was bought out by Locomobile in 1899 for $250,000. But, by 1902 the Stanley’s were back into the steam car business. The Stanley Motor Carriage Company was started in Newton, Massachusetts, producing cars through 1927. The steam powered cars were popularly referred to as Stanley Steamers. Model F Stanley’s were built from 1905 through 1908. The Model F’s top production year was 1907 when 775 were produced.

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