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Type 91 10cm Cannon

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  • # Built 1,200
  • Weight 3,300 lbs.
  • Shell 105mm (4.1 in.) 35lbs projectile
  • Range 11,779 yards
  • Velocity 1,791 fps
  • Rate of fire 6-8 rpm

The Type 91 105mm towed howitzer was a Japanese version of the French Model 1913 “Schneider” of WWI. The Osaka Arsenal built 1,200 Type 91 guns.

The Type 91 was the first used by the Japanese Kwantung Army during the September 1931 invasion of Manchuria.

As a howitzer piece, the weapons provided effective indirect fire against infantry forces and light armored vehicles, providing considerable High-Explosive (HE) lethality at range.

The Type 91 was extensive combat action in China and through the entire Pacific War, including on Iwo Jima and Okinawa.


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