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VW Kubelwagen Type 82

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  • # Built 50,435
  • Weight 1,576 lbs.
  • Range 200 miles
  • Speed 50 mph

The Kubelwagen, designed by Ferdinand Porsche, produced by German manufacturer Volkswagen, was to the German military what the Jeep is to the U.S. Despite having only tow-wheel drive, it performed well in the mud and snow due to its lightweight and flat underbody. The Kubelwagen saw service with the German military on all fronts throughout the war, including the Italian Campaign.

The potential for the use of captured Kubelwagens by Allied troops led the U.S. War Department to write their own technical manual on the type so troops could repair and operate such vehicles.

Post-war, Volkswagen produced a modernized version of the Kubelwagen, the Type 181 for the West German Army, which led to the civilian version called the Volkswagen “Thing.”



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