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QF 1-pounder Pom-Pom

Deck mounted quick-fire auto cannon.

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  • Origin United Kingdom
  • Designer Hiram Maxim /' Maxim-Nordenfelt
  • Years built 1890s - 1918
  • Projectile 37mm at 1,800 fps at 300 rpm rate of fire.

Designed in the late 1880s, the QF (quick fire) 1-pounder is a 37mm autocannon, and was the first of its type in the world. Developed by noted inventor and Maine native, Hiram Maxim. Known as the “Pom-Pom” due to its unique sound, early versions were produced by Maxim-Nordenflet.

The U.S. Navy adopted the autocannon as a rapid-fire deck gun before the 1898 Spanish-American War. As aircraft started being used in warfare, it later evolved into the first dedicated anti-aircraft gun adopted by the U.S. Navy. It was deployed on various types of ships during the U.S. participation in WWI.

This example was one of the first sixteen of the type delivered to the U.S. Navy in March 1898. It was installed on the U.S. Revenue Cutter (USRC) Manning, which was built in East Boston, Massachusetts, that same year. The Manning was taken into U.S. Naval service and participated in the bombardment of Spanish positions off Cabanas, Cuba on May 12th, 1898.



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