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M29 “Weasel”

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  • # Built 15,892
  • Weight 3,800 lbs.
  • Engine Studebaker Model 6-170 Champion 6 cyl, 170 cu. in., 70 hp
  • Range 165 miles
  • Speed 36 mph

In 1944, the First Special Service Force was tasked to take out power plants in Norway. The terrain and snow called for a special vehicle to transport troops. It was the M29 “Weasel.” The mission was canceled but the Weasel was used elsewhere throughout Europe and the Pacific.

The Weasel could propel itself slowly in water and was capable of hauling a half-ton load through sand, mud and snow. It could pull trailers and artillery pieces over terrain that wheeled vehicles could not navigate. When the downpour of June 5th, 1945 dumped 12″ of rain on Okinawa, tanks were mired and trucks could not get through to bring ammunition and food. But, in those conditions, the little tracked Weasel assumed new importance; hauling supplies, food and ammunition; even transporting some Okinawan civilians to safety.



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