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Daimler Mk. II Armored Car

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  • Origin Great Britain
  • Number built 2,694
  • Weight 15,200 lbs. (7.6 tons)
  • Crew 3
  • Engine Daimler 27 4.1L 6-cly 250 cu in, 95 hp.
  • Range 200 miles
  • Speed 50 mph
  • Front armor .625 inches
  • Armament Ordnance QF, 2 pounder 52 rounds, 1x 7.92 BESA mg 2,700 rounds.

The Daimler Armored Car was a British design used for armed reconnaissance and liaison purposes. The Mk. II included and improved turret, improved radiator, and new driver’s escape hatch.

The Daimler Armored Car Mk. I first saw service in North Africa in 1942 and continued to be used throughout Europe. A few Daimlers, both the Mk. I and Mk. II, served in the Asiatic theater with the 16th Light Cavalry British Indian Army armored car regiment in the re-conquest of Burma from the Japanese.

Post-war, the Daimler Armored Cars – Mk. I and Mk. II were used in the Korean War and remained in service with British territorial units until the 1960’s.

The Daimler Mk. II on display in the American Heritage Museum is one of two in the United States.



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