The FM-2 Wildcat now has wings!! Amazing job by the Air Zoo restoration team - we can’t wait to see it on display here at the American Heritage Museum in July! ... See MoreSee Less
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Great aviator Dick Rutan has passed away - Lt. Col. (Ret.) Richard Glenn Rutan flew west on Friday, May 3, 2024 at 7:08 PM PDT The last time Dick Rutan flew towards the western horizon was on December 14, 1986 when he and copilot Jeana Yeager set the last great aviation record by flying around the world, nonstop and unrefueled, in nine days, three minutes and 44 seconds in an aircraft called 'Voyager,' designed by his younger brother, legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan.A highly decorated Vietnam veteran, Dick Rutan flew 325 combat missions and was awarded the Silver Star, the Purple Heart, the Air Medal with three silver oak leaf clusters, the Collier Trophy and was also awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross – twice. During his time in the skies over Vietnam, Dick was a member of an elite group of Fast Forward Air Controllers, often loitering over enemy anti-aircraft positions for six hours or more in a single sortie. These extremely hazardous missions had the call sign 'Misty'; Dick Rutan was, and will forever be, Misty Four-Zero. He spent his last day in the company of friends and family, including his brother, Burt, and passed away peacefully at Kootenai Health Hospital in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, in the company of his loving wife of 25 years, Kris Rutan. He is survived by daughters Holly Hogan and Jill Hoffman, and his four grandchildren, Jack, Sean, Noelle, and Haley.For more information about his incredible flight around the world see: nationalaviation.org/most-incredible-flight-ever-rutan-model-76-voyager/ ... See MoreSee Less
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Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day - The Holocaust stands as one of the darkest chapters in human history, and it is crucial to remember this atrocity for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, the Holocaust serves as a stark reminder of the extreme consequences of hatred, discrimination, and prejudice. The systematic genocide orchestrated by the Nazi regime resulted in the mass murder of six million Jews, along with millions of others who were targeted based on their ethnicity, political beliefs, disabilities, and sexual orientation. By remembering the Holocaust, we are reminded of the devastating impact of unchecked bigotry and intolerance, compelling us to actively work towards a world that embraces diversity and promotes inclusivity.It is crucial to remember and understand this horrific event so to prevent its repetition. Historical artifacts play a vital role in educating people about the Holocaust, and among them, this Deutsche Reichsbahn rail car holds profound significance in offering insights into this tragic period. By preserving this artifact and examining the rail car's historical importance, we can gain a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and its lasting impact on humanity.During World War II, Nazi Germany's national railway system, the Deutsche Reichsbahn, played a critical role in orchestrating the Holocaust. What was once a mere utilitarian means of transportation became a haunting symbol of suffering. Transformed into vessels of misery, these rail cars carried millions of innocent victims to a horrible destination from which many would never return. A logistical transportation infrastructure that enabled the state-sponsored persecution, mass deportation, and murder of millions by Nazi Germany.At the American Heritage Museum, the display of this original WWII cattle car acts as a powerful symbol, connecting visitors to the reality of the Holocaust as inflicted by Nazi Germany and other Axis collaborators. Standing in front of this relic, one can imagine the unimaginable: the cramped conditions endured for days, the fear, the uncertainty, and the sheer terror that innocent men, women, and children endured as they were transported to their tragic fate. It is a tangible representation of the suffering and dehumanization inflicted upon millions, allowing visitors to establish a personal and emotional connection with the victims. The international community must remain vigilant against the rise of extremism and totalitarian ideologies that threaten the fundamental rights and dignity of individuals. Education about the Holocaust and the tools used to execute this genocide serves as a powerful tool to cultivate empathy, tolerance, and understanding, fostering a global consciousness that rejects discrimination and upholds the principles of justice and equality.For more information see: www.americanheritagemuseum.org/exhibits/world-war-ii/holocaust-liberation/encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/introduction-to-the-holocaust ... See MoreSee Less
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Couple more shots of the M24 Chaffee maintenance and restoration. Will be ready to go for the WWII Tank Demonstration weekend on May 25th and 26th. For more information regarding this M24 tank see: www.americanheritagemuseum.org/tank-driving-experiences-and-tank-rides/m24-chaffee-wwii-tank-driv... ... See MoreSee Less
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“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
– Winston Churchill, 1948

Our future as a nation and as a world depends upon how future generations will remember, understand, and embrace the legacy of those fought for our freedoms.

The American Heritage Museum stands as a testament to the unwavering courage and resilience of those who valiantly fought to defend the values we have lived by for nearly 250 years. Within its halls lie the narratives that remind us of the sacrifices made, the battles won, and the losses endured.

Our duty does not end with remembrance; it extends to allowing these insights to fortify our present to secure our future. In the face of modern challenges and shifting global forces, it is even more crucial that our museum grows and adapts to remain a major living history resource for visitors, young and old. Only through this commitment can we be assured future visitors will understand why democracy demands vigilance.

We write to you because you have generously supported us. You have experienced for yourself how we accomplish our mission. It is clear that you believe in the work of the American Heritage Museum and the Collings Foundation.

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Your dollars preserve our American military heritage

Your support propels our mission to preserve, protect, and present history. We receive no government funds for what we do… only the dedication and donations from supporters like you allow us to sustain our mission.

With a small staff, modest overhead, and an amazing team of passionate volunteers, we have transformed every dollar given into tremendous impact. Our forward momentum is strong but we need your help to keep it going.

Your gift will enable us to reach over 70,000 visitors in the coming year, and to provide hands-on history education for over 8,000 students.

With your help we will begin restoration on new aircraft including the P-47 Thunderbolt, Hawker Hurricane, and the rare and iconic Ju-87 Stuka, as well as others. Of particular importance is our pending restoration of a 1920s German rail car that will become a crucial part of our new, permanent exhibit on the horrors and the lessons of The Holocaust

This is why we ask you to make the American Heritage Museum and Collings Foundation, Inc., a part of your year-end giving.

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