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April 5, 2023

For the first time ever – the American Heritage Museum in Massachusetts and the Tank Museum in Bovington, England have teamed up to offer an extraordinary one-of-a-kind tank experience sweepstakes. Winner will go to the American Heritage Museum in Hudson, Massachusetts to drive the famous M4 Sherman tank and M24 Chaffee Tanks, then go to The Tank Museum in Bovington, England to ride in the legendary Tiger I tank during the April 27th, 2024 Tiger Day event.

Winner (and optional guest) will go to the American Heritage Museum in Massachusetts for a personally curated behind the scenes tour through the museum President Rob Collings, and the winner will DRIVE the fully restored / dual control WWII M4 Sherman and Chaffee tanks and a special tank destroyer with the guest as a passenger. Then, hop on an airline and travel to England to the amazing Tank Museum in Bovington, UK where the winner will be able to ride in the very rare Tiger I tank (with the guest spectating) during the popular Tiger Day on April 27th, 2024. This is the world’s only fully restored and running Tiger I tank! Nowhere else in the world will you find such an adventure in historic armor!
This is the first time in history such an experience has been offered! This is a fund-raising sweepstakes for both museums. Proceeds will be split 50/50. Funds will be used to help support these amazing museums. As part of this prize, we will give a $3000 stipend for travel and expenses.

Enter now! Click HERE to enter. Add promo code POWPOW for 25% more.

About the American Heritage Museum:
Opened in 2019, the American Heritage Museum in Stow, Massachusetts (501c3 educational non-profit) features some of the world’s most rare tanks, armored vehicles, historic aircraft, and major military artifacts. The majority of the collection comes from the late Jacques Littlefield, who had amassed the world’s largest privately held collection of tanks and armored vehicles. The American Heritage Museum represents much more than just armor! At the American Heritage Museum, you explore America’s conflicts, beginning with the Revolutionary War to today through a series of immersive exhibits and experiences. You’ll discover, and interact with, our heritage through the History, the national effort developing new technologies of warfare, and the Human Impact of America’s fight to preserve freedom.

The WWII in Europe floor inside the American Heritage Museum

About The Tank Museum:
One of the greatest tank and armor museums in the world. The Tank Museum showcases an incredible collection. Featuring the most important armored fighting vehicles in history that tell the story of the tank in context with the tumultuous events of the last century. The museum houses 300 military machines, representing the key battles of every major conflict since the First World War. Our moving exhibitions tell the story of this British invention; from the mud of the Somme to the beaches of Normandy and the deserts of Iraq – featuring powerful stories from the soldiers that fought in them. Find out how this important British invention has helped shape world history with its domination of the battlefield and hear fascinating accounts from those who have operated and faced them in combat.

Just a portion of the incredible collection of tanks and armored vehicles at The Tank Museum.

Requirements: For safety reasons, it is essential that winners must be able to climb in and out of the tank unaided. The winner must be over 1.5m (5’) and aged 18 or over.”

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If you are visiting the museum this Saturday (5/25) and Sunday (5/26), please purchase Event Tickets at the link below. General Admission tickets to just the museum are not available this weekend - only event tickets are available.